Welcome to Climate Positive+ Initiative

Where everyone can easily contribute and build a greener society together

Key Features


Participate by both personal, industrial, or corporate bodies without any barriers to entry.

Incremented Value

Increase ROI while reducing investment cost of renewable energy for prosumers and investors.

ESG Value

Create, validate and recognize green certificates for the commercial and industrial sectors without boundaries

Active Support

Provide prompt support to solve any services and technical issues

About Climate Positive+


Either a single person or a corporate can become a net positive contributor and preserve the environment and global climate


Through everyday environmentally conscious activity like joining digiMint platform with DiM Token, everyone can take part in Climate Positive+ initiative

Introducing digiMint (DiM)

• Acknowledge the benefit of renewable energy and energy efficiency initiative by recognize their carbon footprint and sell it to the most suitable buyer to net off their carbon pollution and move toward ‘carbon neutral’ goal

• DiM is opened to those who own a renewable energy system as well as those who interested to become a token holder

The Utility of DiM Token

• The token holder can contribute by spreading love to the world and community toward ‘green’ lifestyle

• System owner can register their system with us and start trading its green certificate either carbon credit or renewable energy certificate (REC) whether the system is pre-registered or not we can help system owner as one stop service in register, verify, validate and trade the certificate to optimize its return and make bigger impact to the world.

• Already got the system registered for Carbon Credit or REC? Why not contributing and earning more by simply joining our community?

Private Sales

Private Sales
Starting: 22 Feb 2022 – 20 April 2022
Maximum value: USD 500,000
Total private sale target is upto 20% of target token sales in year 1 with premium discount in token value of upto 25%
* Subscriber of the private sales shall be issued equivalent token at TGE.

1st initiative towards a Green Society

Climate Positive+ now opened for private sales of digiMint (DiM) token

Private Sales ends on 20 Apr 2022

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Time Out

Want to learn more?

Check out the DiM documentation


Q1 2022 - Initiation of digiMint Platform

• digiMint concept launching

• Lite Paper

• Tokenomics

• Pre-sale of DiM

Q2 2022 - DiM Issuance

• Token Issuance

• Carbon Credit/ IREC Periodical Announcement

• Expand stakeholder and DiM community

Q3-Q4 2022 - Ecosystem Of DiM

• Ecosystem Of DiM


2023 - Listing in Exchanges

• 1st Year Renewable Generation Reached 100MW

• Explore other Listing Exchange

2024 - 2026

• 5-year Target Expansion of 500MW

• Lending Platform Infrastructure For CC & IREC

• Integrate with other platform and services to strengthen community ecosystem